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   Wrapper for reading or writing gzip/bzip2 files

This small lib provides with the help of the fopencookie(3)
interface of the glibc together with the zlib and libbzip2
an simple interface for reading or writing gzip/bzip2 files
with streams. Beside handling gzip files and bzip2 files,
the libzio provides support for reading ``.Z'' compressed
files. By using the GNUC compiler weak facility one or both
libraries, zlib or libbzip2, can be skipped at linkage time.

To use this e.g. an

  #include <zio.h>


  FILE * file = fzopen("myfile.gz", "r");


  int fd = open("myfile.gz", O_RDONLY);
  FILE * file = fdzopen(fd, "r", "g");

together with linking the resulting program with -lzio _and_
`-lz'.  For bzip2 files clearly the libbz2 with `-lbz2' has
to used at linkage time.

The zlib and/or libbzip2 librares are required because the
libzio is not linked with `-lz' nor with `-lbz2'.  If the
appropiate library functions of libz or libbz2 are not found
the fzopen(3) function returns NULL and the errno is set to
the value ENOSYS for not implemented.

As the libbzip2 does not provide a function for seeking in
a bzip2 file, any call of fseek(3) on the open stream will
fail and set the errno to ESPIPE.

For writing gzip/bzip2 files, fzopen(3) only supports the
suffixes ``.z'' and ``.gz'' for gzipped files and ``.bz2''
for bzip2ed files.

On reading first the appropiate suffixes are checked if not
provided. If no file is found the magic byte sequence at the
beginning of the file is checked to detect which type of
compressing is used for the file.

Happy (un)compressing,

     Werner Fink